Sound Wave 228 with Belocca & DJ Kovalevsky

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Next Monday Belocca joins to the show with a guest mix and after two weeks DJ Kovalevsky will return with live mix, recorded for Sound Wave at Skybar in Kiev, Ukraine during two big holidays – International Women's Day & World DJ Day.

Sound Wave 224 with Caspa

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Today, Caspa is viewed globally as one of the key players in the most explosively exciting genre of youth music to emerge in recent years. If you don't know Caspa you don't know bass.


Sound Wave 222 with Cut Snake

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8 years ago, the duo were in Hawaii on the surfer pro tour. It had been raining like crazy leaving Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley needing something to pass the time. Both avid house music fans, it was off to the nearest electronics shop for a bottom of the line midi controller and from there, Cut Snake was born.