Sound Wave 222 with Cut Snake

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8 years ago, the duo were in Hawaii on the surfer pro tour. It had been raining like crazy leaving Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley needing something to pass the time. Both avid house music fans, it was off to the nearest electronics shop for a bottom of the line midi controller and from there, Cut Snake was born.

Leigh was the Australia Junior Surf Champion and went on to win World Series Events and Fisher became one of the most popular surfer personalities on the circuit due to his web series, FollowTheFish TV and his collection of video clips and photos. Together the two began playing parties and quickly became noted for their sound.Signed to Three Six Zero Group in 2013, Cut Snake have a TV show in the works and music being delivered with an album due to come in Q2 of 2014 and a tour on either side of the release